2nd Process Safety Symposium and Exhibit was Held at the Informatics Valley

The topics of innovations brought on by the changes in regulations, practices related to the process safety with industry 4.0 and pressurized containers were brought to attention. In addition to the attendance of officials from our ministry, The Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, AFAD and The Ministry of Industry and Technology, many invitees from the industry attended the symposium. The needs of the industry were discussed as well in the program which Labor and Social Security Training Specialist Begüm Doğan attended as a representative of our institution. Information was given also about the changes brought by the new regulations in the sessions during which ministry officials provided information about process safety applications. These platforms, informational meetings and training sessions are highly beneficial for all affiliates developing an accurate understanding of the acclimatization process of the SEVESO III Directive into our regulations and for the unity of practices. As ÇASGEM, we continue to work towards preventing major industrial accidents and reducing their effects with the informational meetings and training programs carried out within our ministry. As Labor and Social Security Training and Research Center, our aim is to improve the level of knowledge and proficiency of individuals with our Seveso training programs, to meet their needs and provide information regarding the questions and problems encountered in the sector.